Mobile App Development

In Tanzania

The world is going mobile-first. That means more and more businesses are exploring mobile apps as a means to be constantly in touch with customers. Apps act as a direct link to customers and enable the execution of faster sales, information dissipation, personalized promotion, and real-time communication. Rise of 5g, voice technology, AR & VR technology are going to completely revolutionize the way businesses and people use mobile and apps to buy and sell products.





Idea Confirmation

Confirmation and understanding the App Objective, Target Audience and market scope to make sure the purpose is fulfilled to deliver the best results.


The mobile app development stages consist of back-end, APIs, and the app front-end. This process incorporates the coding part and giving a proper structure for your application.


Once your application is designed, tested, and fully developed after the changes in the beta version are included, the final version of the app is ready for public launch.

Market Research

Identify requirements, define strategic goals, compare similar apps in the market to develop a differentiating product.


Each milestone is tested and reviewed individually and together to ensure the app's quality and make it as bug-free as possible in the initial stages itself.


Every app will need new features and technological updates. After launching your mobile app, we provide technical support to ensure that the app continues to align with the evolving user needs.

Design and Dev of Wireframe

Once the concept is ready, a seamless wireframe is built, capturing its full layout and navigation features, which can also serve as the blueprint for your app.

Beta Version

A Beta Version of your app will be released in order to check errors and evaluate the efficiency in the live state to provide feedback for improvement.


iOS and Android App Development

Datamanics designs and develops mobile apps for major platforms including Android, iOS leveraging our expertise and knowledge across industries. Our decade-long experience helps to deliver best-in-class custom solutions to create smooth and seamless mobile experiences for users.
Flutter App Development
Looking for developers to work on your next project for developing cross-platform, modern applications? What you need is Datamanics' advanced development skills on Flutter applications.  With Flutter you get a highly-interactive and functional app that withstands today's user demands and competitive market. Our Flutter developers are ready to custom build next-generation mobile apps, accelerate engagement and improve user experience.
React Native Development
React Native is the modern solution for many businesses looking to expedite workflow, sales and operations with multi-functional, full-fledged mobile apps. Datamanics can help you build dynamic mobile apps to create appealing, fully featured, and cross-platform apps with React Native technology. The bigger your business objectives are, the more we strive to embed and align your vision to the product.

Best Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development in Tanzania


When it comes to mobile apps, its all about the experience of the user. No one knows this better than us. That is why Datamanics offers full IT and app tech consultancy and development services to create the most appealing and user-friendly apps. We go the extra mile to ensure its user-friendliness, performance and consistency across platforms, from backend programming to frontend UI and UX design.


From small businesses to large enterprises, we develop mobile apps that can function on multiple platforms using the latest technologies. Apps need to keep up with the time, pace and tech trends and we will never let you go outdated. With Datamanics App service, you can now meet the never ending demands of the business market with a current and relevant apps developed on the most advanced technologies.  


Our expert developers are committed to providing an efficient and satisfying user experience for your app while it remains on par with global standards. As you grow as a business, our developers can enhance the capacity of your app to manage your growth by expanding functionalities, users and evolve along with your business objectives.